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Fertilizing and Weed Control

We offer up to 5 fertilizing and weed control applications for your lawn.  Our applicators have been trained and certified to work with the products that will give you the best results for your yard.  With our fertilizer service, we will take the guesswork and stress out of fertilizing your yard so that your lawn looks fabulous all year long.

Healthy Lawn

A healthy lawn is less likely to be invaded by pests, including both weeds and insects. Getting on the right fertilizing schedule can help keep the weeds out of your lawn while keeping your grass a healthy green. At the same time, over-fertilizing your lawn can cause severe problems to your grass and the environment; so let us guide you to the right schedule for your property.


A fertilizer is any product that contains at least one of the nutrients needed for plant growth. The most common of these for lawns are nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and iron. Your turfgrass gets most of these naturally from either the soil, air or water supply, but sometimes one or more of these nutrients are in low supply.


Application 1: Crab Grass Preventer with Fertilizer

  • Applied March - April

Application 2: Fertilizer and Weed Control

  • Applied May - June

Application 2.5: Merit Grub Control

  • Applied June - July

Application 3: Fertilizer and Weed Control

  • Applied July - August

Application 4: Fertilizer and Weed Control

  • Applied September - October

Application 5: Winter  Fertilizer

  • Applied November to December

Wet grass
Fertilizing and Weed Control: Services
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